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Learn from Professionals in the Field
High school students have the unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into engineering and science careers by meeting and engaging with scores of professionals in these exciting fields.

Integrated Academics
Students meet in a 3.5 hour block each morning on the campus to study the subjects of science, engineering, English, and social studies, primarily through project based learning.

A Half Day at College, Every Day
Through academics, site visits, guest speakers, mentoring, and projects, New Visions students work at the collegiate level.

New Visions STEM graduates have been accepted at some of the finest institutions in the country, including: Rensselaer, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, West Point, and many more.

After 12 years, our New Visions alumni continue to conquer challenges at home and across the world.


New Visions is sponsored by Rensselaer's Smart Lighting Engineering Reseach Center. The center provides our program and students with space, access to university resources, mentorships, summer programs, and much more.

QUESTAR III is a public educational service that provides more than 275 instructional and support services to 22 school districts with about 40,000 students in Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene counties of New York State. Questar III also provides additional services to more than 630 school districts and all 37 BOCES in New York State.